Ickenham Hall
~ Compass Theatre


Here you can find our literature to download and read at your leisure about Ickenham Hall.

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Short Summary of Ickenham Hall

This is a synopsis about Ickenham Hall and explains that when leaving the Café Bar area, you are actually entering into Ickenham Hall and its original kitchen

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Self Guided Tour

This is a short self guided tour for Ickenham Hall, that gives you an insight into what each room may have been used for in former life.

This was written for our Open Day in 2014, and proved to be a good way to give public a chance to see Ickenham Hall fully. Once a year, all the rooms of Ickenham Hall are opened up to the public, including the offices. The building is always open when the Theatre is open, but not all rooms are accessable at other times of the year.

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